The Beginning

Attorney's Process & Investigation Services, Inc. was originally founded in 1976. Initially, we provided a variety of litigation support services to the legal community. However, we rapidly expanded our client base to assist corporations, insurance companies, government agencies and service organizations with their growing investigative support needs. Over the years, API has earned a reputation for consistently providing our local, regional, national and international clients with successful solutions to their security and personnel challenges.

The Present

API is now one of the largest and most qualified organizations of its kind in the Midwest, with clients nationwide. We maintain the highest ethical standards in the industry. Our customers trust that their matters will be handled with the utmost integrity. Considering the sensitive issues facing many of our clients, API's unwavering professionalism provides peace of mind and the confidence in a job well done. Our staff is highly skilled and can draw on their extensive expertise in a variety of disciplines, to include: private, legal, insurance and federal investigations, criminal justice, military security and corporate consulting, with an accumulation of over 250 years of experience. This unique diversity gives API the ability to customize our services in direct response to our customer's needs. We are confident that we offer the most talented flexibility in this region.

The Future

Although API's team of experts is already recognized as the innovation leader in its field, we continue to pursue excellence. We are constantly striving to improve our network of professional services with more sophisticated technology, utilizing the most advanced investigative techniques available, combined with other national and international resources. In addition, API's personnel undergo continuous training and education to maintain state-of-the-art expertise. They remain active members of professional law enforcement, drug prevention, legal, security, military and loss prevention organizations. Finally, as our client base increases, we will actively recruit the best available talent for our API team to continuously enhance our response to changing requirements.