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Security Tips
Since 1976, API has been providing reliable and customized investigative and consulting services to meet our client's needs.

The experienced staff at API is here to help you!

Whether you need assistance in:

Investigating potential wrongdoings
Enhancing your security
Improving your hiring practices
Professional Consulting

Attorney's Process & Investigation Services, Inc. (API) was founded in 1977 in response to the need for quality support services for businesses, corporations, law firms, insurance companies and government agencies. What began as a variety of litigation support services to the legal community expanded to utilize our expertise in matters of security and investigation.

Since that time, API's success has earned us a reputation for consistently providing local, regional, national and international clients with solutions to their needs for investigative consultation and support services.

Using a network of professional services, state-of-the-art databases, the most advanced investigative techniques and a wealth of other national and international resources, API's team of experts are recognized as innovators and leaders in their fields.

Whether it's Process Serving, Private Investigations, Computer Forensics, Cost Recovery, Gaming Solutions, Identity Theft Solutions, or anything else related to security/safety, API is your one-stop source for fast and efficient service.