Since 1975, API Services, Inc. has been providing a variety of investigative services to corporations, insurance companies, government agencies, service organizations, and the legal community, as well as private individuals. Our highly skilled investigators draw on their extensive expertise in a variety of disciplines including: private, legal, insurance, and federal investigations, criminal justice, military, security, education, and corporate consulting.

The API team of experts is here to serve you. Our investigators have access to the most advanced technology available and undergo continuous training and education to maintain state-of-the-art expertise. Our staff consists of former law enforcement officers, FBI agents, attorneys, educators, and insurance claims professionals. This vast range of expertise ensures API will be suited to handle all your investigative needs. From surveillance to background checks, API is here to help you.

API has investigators based in our Green Bay and Mequon locations, as well as additional staff throughout Wisconsin. Through years of service, API has developed relationships with other qualified firms across the country. This enables us to meet all your investigative needs, nationwide.

All API consultants and investigators adhere to strict professional and ethical standards to every assignment we handle. With API, you can be assured your investigative needs will be met in a quality, timely, and thorough manner. Confidentiality is always at the top of our list.

Please contact us to learn how API can handle your investigative needs.